English Comp- or, How NOT to Make an *** Out of You and Me

I am currently in college pursuing a double bachelor and my current class is English Composition. Approaching this class, I thought “No problem, I’m a good writer, this will be easy!” The style, of course, is academic and I have to complete a critical essay of considerable length. This week, rough drafts were due and I was smacked with a surprise- which should not have been because I have access to all the expectations for this paper as well as resources to help me understand and execute at my fingertips. I assumed I knew what those were, apart from actually reading them. When I received my feedback, I had to go back and do some major revisions- this time reading the expectations and making use of the resources I have available to me.
I share this with you to make a point- Knowing what you are getting into saves time, headache, and heartache! This principle can be carried over to any area of life and in any situation you may face. Don’t assume (we all know how that breaks down!) you know what is going on just because you skim the surface. The same applies to missed opportunities as well. By skimming the surface and, again, assuming we know what we are looking at, we stand the chance of missing out on some pretty awesome opportunities and experiences.
Funny thing is- this is not the first time I have done this! I have rushed into or bypassed situations assuming (there goes that word again*groan*) that I understood what they were about. I then see in hindsight (which is always 20/20) that I missed a great opportunity or fell into something I am now regretting.
Slow down, follow your intuition, know what you have in front of you, and know you will reap the benefits versus looking like an…..well, you know.
Have you ever had an experience like this? I would love to hear about it and what you learned from it! Leave me a comment below!

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