Fibro Flares and Teddy Bears

The last two weeks have been pretty rough. I have been in the throws of a fibro flare and have managed to irritate my back ( I have Degenerative Disc Disease in my lower lumbar region). So, I have been very limited in what I can do outside of the easy chair or bed. I am currently awaiting my insurance company’s okay for an MRI (they never EVER get in a hurry), then my Ortho and I will go from there. So I have been huddled down trying to get some relief with my favorite soft throw and my stuffed owl. They are both comforting and help cheer me up when I am down in the dumps.

I am grateful that my school is online and I don’t have to travel to get there- I’d be in a pickle in that case! I am also grateful that my cabinets are full of food and I don’t have to worry where the next meal for my family will come from. I am very grateful for the beautiful view of the countryside from my window and that I am not in the city anymore. I am even more grateful( and excited!) that my son will be graduating high-school this weekend.

Yes, I have multiple chronic illnesses that I contend with daily, and yes my current circumstances are not very rosy. But, I make a choice every day when I wake up to look for things that are right around me and to be grateful for what I do have more so than focusing on what I don’t. It can be challenging sometimes, but worth the effort. My spirits are lifted and my day goes better- things that normally annoy the crap out of me rolls off like water on a duck’s back. By making a regular practice of gratitude, I am attracting positive things into my life and repelling more of the negative. I am able to release thought patterns and behaviors that no longer serve me with greater ease.
Having chronic illness has taught me how to slow down and appreciate what great things I have in life- even the small stuff that I would have never noticed when I was running wide open and completely stressed out. I have also learned that with an attitude of gratitude my vibrations are higher and more aligned with my divine nature.

How has having a practice of gratitude helped you? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

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